Prosperity Will Be Had!


Today I started a new business venture and I am excited about it.  It's very new to me and right now I just want share that I'm creating prosperity in my life.  One of the reasons that I decided to do this new venture was to collapse the old conversation in my head about having money.

My parents were 2nd generation Italian Americans. They still held their parents and grandparents ideas about money. These ideas were passed down to me and my siblings.  Everything is a struggle and so is making money! Work hard and it will pay off. The "I don't deserve" factor is big because if you don't deserve then no matter how hard you work & struggle you won't make money! That last sentence defines my first 20 years in NYC. I worked so hard, struggled to make ends meet and yes, I believed that I didn't deserve to have money. My family certainly thought I didn't deserve anything. I left home and that really wasn't a positive to them. But the best thing I ever did was leave home.

I've been very fortunate in my life to learn how to create a life I love. Many courses, therapy, books and God have helped me do that. I am married to a wonderful person who loves and respects me. Had the wedding of my dreams. Was able to work with him as a filmmaker. Went back to school and graduated with honors then went on to get my Masters. Ten days shy of my 50th birthday I gave birth to the most extraordinary human being: our daughter Myah!  Last year Jesse and I decided to move to Costa Rica in January of 2017 and tomorrow it will be exactly one year since we arrived.

How does someone like this who has created a great life still struggle with the idea of having lots of money?  It seems a bit insane right? Yes, I'm bipolar and money can be an issue, but I'm not going there. You see it's just an old conversation I have in my head. I'm not going to blame my parents because I piled more crap on what was passed onto to me. One being I'm Fat and fat people don't deserve anything but misery. I'm the youngest and the youngest shouldn't do better than their elders.
I was spoiled so therefore I am lazy. Of course I'm a female and you know that story.  Why I don't deserve is beyond me, but for some reason I don't.

Now, I know none of these things are true for me but they still play a part in my lack of a prosperity consciousness. My new venture will most definitely confront these issues and I know there will be a breakthrough and financial prosperity will be mine.

Love and Peace



Barb Silverberg said…
Looking forward to learning more about your new venture!