Purposing My Vision

Photo by Jesse Epstein


Today I am going to write about purpose and vision. This is only because I feel like I am on purpose again with my life. What that really means is that I am up to something in my life again. Technically, I am always up to something, but this past year it hasn't felt like it too much. My purpose for the over the last year was to get us to Costa Rica. Once we were here, my main focus was getting Myah settled and learning the lay of the land.

Getting my blog up was on purpose for me and now that it is up and running, I feel that I accomplished something that was a very vulnerable thing for me to do.  The surprise is that I love doing the blog and getting the feed back. Having the blog has helped at times when I was feeling a little lost in this new country.

I think what happened to me this past year was that the move was emotionally draining and I had to find my footing in this new place. For me it always takes some adjusting emotionally because that is how I am wired.  I have to admit I was miserable for some time before distinguishing what was making me feel so bad.

One of the things is I had no other purpose than my blog; and I was missing New York. The other was that I feel confined where we are living and we (Jesse & I) both feel this way.

Now, we both decided we want to move to Tamarindo and this has given me a clear purpose. Everything is in the vision I have for me and my family there. My vision isn't just about moving, but the actual lifestyle we will have.

Every day I take some time and sit and just use my imagination in my vision to see the life I am pursuing. Creating a new life for us has made me realize that there would have to be an abundance of new possibilities.

Love and Peace!