The Visitor


A part of my vision for how our life in Costa Rica would turn out is starting to happen. One of the things I loved about our life in NYC was that Jess and I always had friends over. We had parties and celebrated holidays with friends.  I love a house full of all different kinds of people. Once we had what we called a Gay Thanksgiving because we were the only straight people there. The night of Obama's first election, we had a huge party that we left after his win was announced. A few of us went up to 125th street and celebrated with the rest of Harlem. 

I miss those days, but I had envisioned us to have a similar type of life here. There have been a few get togethers. I had my standard Tree trimming party and we had our neighbors Richard and Julie for Passover. I don't think that's too bad for just moving here last July.

We now have a new friend here whose name is Steve. Steve is a little younger than Jess and has a daughter who goes to Myah's school. They met at the post office. Steve is from Beverly Hills and has lived in Costa Rica for 30 years. He is a great photographer and has the most amazing drawings he does in ink.

When we were in Tamarindo, we met a lovely young woman whose name is Alexis. Myah loves her because they played Mermaids together in the pool. When we left Tamarindo, we traded info. And of course we became FB friends! Alexis was in San Jose and since we are about 15 minutes from there, we invited her to come to visit.  We picked her up a few days ago. It's been great having her and she wrote a poem for Myah after we left Tamarindo. It is so brilliant! Waiting for her to send copy to us.

We had already invited Steve for dinner Wednesday, so it turned out to be an awesome night filled with lots of laughter and wine. Alexis had brought some cacao beans from her father's farm. These beans are what make chocolate. While I was in the kitchen making dinner for everyone, they were all shelling the beans. We didn't make chocolate that night but there is chocolate now in my house. Very Yummy!!

That night when Jess and I went to bed, we both felt so great about our evening and acknowledged our life here is finally happening! (Well, it's been happening, but you know.)

Love and Peace!