Photo by Jesse Epstein


Do you ever feel like time is going at a faster rate than usual? I think having a kid makes everything go by in a flash! Five years ago I was pregnant with Myah. Now, we are living in Costa Rica and Myah is going to kindergarten in a few weeks. Yikes! Before I know it, she will going to college.

Time has a strange way of catching up with us in some ways that are at times unsettling. Like the fact that I will be 55 in October. How the hell did that happen? When I look back on my life, I feel so grateful for the experiences I've had: good and bad. When I was alone, scared, and living in NYC, grateful wasn't something I felt. If it wasn't for the hard times, I wouldn't have sought out recovery or any of the types of personal development work I have done. 

Another way that time catches up with us is with the personal loses we have experienced. Having lost both parents is the hardest thing for me. They were my parents, but they were also close friends. My  mother was my rock and my Dad my confidant. The fact that I can't call Mom every day like I used to is hard. Especially when Myah does something that I know my Mom would have enjoyed.  Even though they are not here physically, they live in my heart.  Honestly, I am so appreciative to God for giving me John and Terry Rizzolo as my parents. Perfect they were not, but I always felt loved and supported.

Today I am reminded of another loss. My Uncle Lenny passed away this day 5 years ago. He had dementia for awhile and so it was a kind of blessing. My uncle was a character. When I was a kid, he would always sneak me wine or scotch. He loved Enrico Caruso and had a great collection of his music. He was my father's older brother and when they were together, the two of them could cause quite a lot of trouble. It was usually by laughing at the wrong time at weddings or funerals.

I'll tell you another thing that time has brought me. No, not just wisdom, but inspiration. I am inspired by my life lived so far and inspired to move on further into another part of my personal development. I know I'll be 55, but I am not so spooked by the number. I am me and I always move forward no matter what.  So I am doing what I did at 25.  Yes, I have grown a lot since then, but I expect to grow even more now! Time will tell it all or maybe my blog will tell it first! LOL!

Love and Peace