Tamarindo Talk!


Just came back from a run on the beach! It felt so good. We are back in Tamarindo. Decided to take a few vacation days before Myah goes back to school on the 20th. 

I'm in a coffee shop in town with Myah coloring next to me. Feels like I am a real writer! It's cloudy here today and I wanted to write. At first I thought I would do a video from the beach, but I got so into running that I forgot to stop to shoot the video.

Everything is good and I'm feeling very fortunate. Have been doing a gratitude list every day. It's not formal one. Sometimes it's in my head. Last night while walking on the beach, Myah and I shared what we were grateful for. It was precious and a memory that will stick with me. I want her to be aware of the things she has, because a life lived in gratitude is a happy one.

I say that because, since I've been giving thanks for what is in my life, I feel a shift inside myself. I guess the first year had its ups and downs. Very grateful we moved here and also grateful we will be in Tamarindo next year. When you come from a place of gratitude, anything is possible.  For awhile, I just felt so stuck.

In this stuck place, I missed New York, and was so focused on what was happening in the States. Being so far from New York has given me a greater appreciation for all the years I lived there and my accomplishments. There are many!  But I never gave myself credit for them.

As for the state of my beloved country: I pray that good wins over evil...that people see through Trump's damaging narcissism. All the hurt he has caused will come back to haunt him. I really believe in Karma.  All I can do is pray and help when I can.  My guilt about being here and not being back home fighting for the cause is still here but not very strong.

The reason my guilt isn't paining me every day is that this is my life and I am creating a reality that works for me and my family. We are very fortunate to have been able to move here and if God didn't want me here, I wouldn't be.

Love and Peace