I Surrender!


Feeling out of sorts today. This does happen on occasion for me. Just feeling overloaded with stuff!

Next week is my 55th birthday and I don't even know how that happened?! So many things are going on at Myah's school. I am having problems with setting up my business. I just want to get it started. We are moving in June and it feels likes it's coming fast. There is so much to be done. We just put the house on the market.

Around my business, I feel stuck and I know that is mostly my fear. I just wish technology didn't feed that fear so well.

In the next 2 weeks, there are about 4 or 5 things going on at Myah's school! That wouldn't matter so much, but I don't feel comfortable here. I just don't feel like myself.

This is hard because I like me. It bothers me when I let people get under my skin. The operative word is let!  I miss me! Today, I realized I've missed me for awhile.

I became a different me when Myah was born. Yes, I like the Mommy me! It's easy being Myah's Mom. It's just that I want to protect her from the horrors of the world.

My journey is hitting some high waves right now, but I always weather the storm. I have to stick to what I think is right for me.

I am also surrendering to God and whatever the outcome is.

Love and Peace