Celebrating Jesse!


This weekend we are celebrating my husband Jesse's Birthday. The plans are to make him a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and make his favorite dinner eggplant parmesan. Myah is very excited to help me cook.

Jess will be 72 on Sunday. Time has has flown. I met Jesse when I was 41 and he was 57. When we were married, I was 44 and he was 60. We had Myah when I was 49 and Jess was 66. What were we thinking, right?!!!!  Turns out that it was the greatest thing!

When I think of Jess and I in the early days, we were like two kids falling in love. Though he was in the middle of a divorce and I had found out that summer I was Bipolar. He was having a hard time and I was feeling relief from my somewhat chaotic summer.

To be really honest, I can't say I remember the exact day when I knew I was in love with Jess.  I was and am always excited to see him. We love being together, so when he asked me to move in with him, I had to reconcile with myself how I really felt with about him. We spent 2 long nights on the phone talking about moving in with each other. The next morning after our 2nd night, I sat on my bed and thought about my life. A life with Jesse and a life without Jesse. It hit me that I couldn't imagine a life without him!

So, here I am, 14 years later with this amazing person! He is smart, funny, creative and has the sweetest and biggest heart.  Like most marriages, we have issues from time to time. Jess is a willing partner to work things through and he even goes as far as doing personal work on himself as well.

We feel so blessed to be together and feel we are the perfect fit for each other! I still swoon at the way he looks at me!

Love and Peace!