Changing my greeting to Spanish because I am now finally learning Espanol!  Yes, it's hard learning a new language at 55.  Concentrating is always hard for me because of my bipolar disorder. Focusing is hard to do too.

Yes, they sound like excuses. Well they are, so there! I really like the Spanish language. Though they have 15,000 verbs.  We were told we don't have to learn them all. That is good because I'm not sure that could happen.

Look, I went back to school at 38 and graduated with honors. At 42 I got my M.A.  This shouldn't be too hard, right?  But the difference was that back then, I was on my own. No husband or daughter!

Keeping up with my daughter's social calendar; selling our house and moving to Tamarindo; along with writing my blog and starting a many things right? Finding time to do homework and Duolingo isn't easy.

We really like our teacher Wagner. He is Costa Rican! He has a great sense of fun in his teaching.  And making a mistake is always a good thing.  My heart is in it to learn Spanish because it will make it easier to live here.

I'ver decided to to the best I can and give myself a break. My whole life I have put extreme amounts of pressure on myself in anything I take on. Usually I end up not enjoying myself much and not feeling motivated anymore. I have stopped doing that because of two things: one, it sucks! and two, I have a daughter and I don't want her to do this!

Well, gonna go do some Duolingo on my phone...while I have the chance!

Love & Peace