High Anxiety


Right now I have so much going on in my life. Thus my anxiety is high and it's harder to get things done.The past week has been challenging. We are looking for a place to live in Tamarindo and working on getting our place sold here in Escazu. I am in the process of getting this business started along with getting off lithium. It's a lot, right? I am definitely more anxious.

One thing I discovered is that even though my anxiety level is heightened, it doesn't mean I am not grounded as person and in the things I am engaging in. What I mean by that is my anxiety doesn't take me from myself.  But it definitely makes life harder and less fun.

My first therapist used to tell me to use my anger or my anxiety as a way of moving myself forward. I never really liked that because anger is a really tough emotion that I always aimed at myself, rather than at the appropriate party. In time, I was able to see how my anger moved me out of bad jobs and bad relationships.

Anxiety is a little different. With our moving situation, I am doing most of the work and that is actually good for me. As my anxiety level rises, it also has pushed me to do things that I normally wouldn't have done. Literally, there is no stone unturned in this move to Tamarindo. I just wish I didn't have to be so anxious to get there.

I'm not advocating this way of being. What I am trying to say is that you can turn a negative into a positive until you find a better way to handle it. Right now I am starting treatment for my anxiety.That should make life easier and I am all for that!!


Love and Peace!