Moving On Up To The Beach!!


June 4th was the 35th Anniversary of my big move to New York City!!! June 4th 1984 a day that will live in my heart forever. I was a frightened 20yr old girl who had no clue about anything. Here is something I wrote 3 years ago about my big move. It all still rings true.

June 4th is the day I moved to NYC 32 years ago. Nothing went as planned but it sure has been more than I expected. People have come and gone. I recreated myself many times! Have been able to do some really good work on myself. Allowing myself to fall in love with a beautiful soul who really values me and I pinch myself every day because I can't believe this man is my husband. My daughter was a surprise that I still can't believe! She is joyous love! This city is a hard place to live. Times here aren't easy for anyone! Proud that I've made it this long but I didn't think I would stay as long as I have.Grateful to all jobs & places I've lived.Most thankful that God didn't forget me in my desperate times. New York is a great city and to me the best place is in Central Park!  Thanks!

The year after I wrote this we were on our way to Costa Rica. Another big adventure in my life.
It hasn't turned out like I thought. We didn't realize how congested with traffic it was and how the high altitude would effect me. It wasn't a big adjustment for us because where we live in Escazu has become so Americanized.

What I didn't expect was how much I would miss New York City. How could I not? Right? I was so tired of all the people and the cold. Then came the election and the Nazi /Alt Right groups.

We don't think we made a bad decision at all about moving. I love the city. I do miss walking around and looking at all the different places and people. Of course I miss Harlem! What a great neighborhood.  I miss all my favorite places to shop. Though disappointed that Lord And Taylor closed. They had great shoes sales and a great place to get a bag. New York will always be my home and the center of my home is Central Park.  I really miss that place. It's spectacular!

Now another move this summer to Tamarindo Costa Rica!! It's really not a bad exchange! The gorgeous sunsets and beautiful beaches! Very excited for this new life style, but also a little apprehensive. Just because we jumped into the move to Costa Rica with are eyes not so wide open.
Nothing really bad has happened, but I should have also gone to the beach and looked around more.

Well, hopefully I will have more for you on the move soon!


Love and Peace!!