Happy and Free!


The picture on my blog today is my daughter Myah. I love this picture because it captures her spirit.

I am sharing this particular picture of Myah because every time I look at it, I feel the pure freedom and excitement of life! The picture was taken during Christmas and New Years.

So when I thought about what I wanted my year to be, I immediately thought of this picture. This  year for me will be marked by the freedom to enjoy every aspect of my life and the excitement around the new things that come into my life.

Living light! To me that means that the worries of the world will not stop me from enjoying the life I am creating.

Myah is 6 years old and her world is one of pretend and play. I love being around it! It motivates me to put fun into the things I do with myself and my husband.

Life to me is to be enjoyed. It is endlessly creative. No, it isn't always fun or easy, but I am committed to ending any contribution of more drama or negativity to it than there already is!


Love & Peace!!


Dave Rudbarg said…
Absolutely. Creating the possibility of ease, play and joy in everything. I love you.