Coping in Quantine

So, here we are all closed up in our homes. A very precarious time we are living in. Every time I look at the news, it seems all doom and gloom. That's one of the reasons one should watch John Krasinski's SGN (Some Good News). He is just an example of being a good man finding the good in these bleak times. No, he didn't pay me to write that!

We are doing the best we can. It's hard even here in beautiful Costa Rica. We've been on lock down for almost 6 weeks. Beaches are closed and some restaurants are doing take out. We have certain days we can drive and days we can't. The government here has been consistent and the police have been vigilant.

My daughter has been my example. She goes about her day as if it is a day of major imagination and exploration. We have projects spilled all over the Condo. It's wonderful to see how her mind works.

Mommy on the other hand is handling things differently. At first I was able to work and get things done. Then my anxiety came in and I decided to watch movies, do crossword puzzles and use my coloring app. They helped, but then last week I had some restless nights and my anxiety has increased. I texted my doctor and I emailed my therapist because they need to know what's going on with me. My doctor modified my meds which worked for the first day, but then not so great these past few days.

One of the the things I am stopping is checking the news every few hours.  It's hard being away from our country, but on the other hand I am glad. As my friend Kathleen puts it "It's a real shit show over there!"  Actually I am so sad about how things are going in the States. Especially in New York.

Another thing I am doing is beating myself up for not doing all the things I could be doing! I forget how immobilizing my anxiety can be. My mental difficulties can be debilitating at times, but my anxiety is a never ending experience. One that I accepted as a apart of this journey, but right now I am depleted with constant strain on my body and mind.

My exploration is how to proceed through this jungle of anxious feelings and get to where I want to go for the next chapter in my life. Something has to happen, because I have 7 years before Myah becomes a teenager!

Would like to hear how other people are doing at this time. What things are you doing to keep yourself sane?!

Love & Peace!