A Mother's Dilemma



I haven't really expressed anything about the pandemic we are all in. Mostly, I've been hopeful and safe here in Costa Rica. Well, that is until recently.

The numbers were so low for quite some time. Then they jumped in June and it's been unsettling to say the least. "These Times Are A Changing" is no joke.

My daughter Myah started school full time online in early August. It's a long day, but she seems to be adapting well. She is fortunate that we are both home working on our computers. We are all together. She even started a new school this year. I think we found the right fit.

She is making friends and chatting online with them. We have a routine and everything seems ok for now.

I just found out that her school will be opening up for Prek-3rd grade, with all safety precautions in place and kids required to wear masks all day. After every class and tasks, they will be required to wash their hands. 

My dilemma is this: do I send her or do I keep her home? Of course my first response was to send her. Then I started thinking about the trauma that this pandemic is going to have on her and our youth...Either self isolating and not being able to touch each other or going out in public places wearing masks is very hard. I don't really like it. 

I know her school is very thorough about keeping the environment safe, but that's not my point. What I am really concerned about is that sterile environment she will be in. Our schools will be like hospitals. Will we be raising all these young people with OCD? I keep thinking what kind of sex lives these kids will have when they get older?

I came of age during the Aids Crisis and the free love of the 60's and 70's were gone. We were all very afraid of getting Aids. So many losses and prejudices then and now.

Is keeping her home good? She see's her friends every day on Zoom and she chats with some of them. It's not the same as being with them in person. At this time, I cannot be sure if learning online is better or worse than in class?

I feel very confused at this point and grateful because right now that we have choices. I know some families don't.

The world's economy is terrible and we can't seem to eradicate this virus, but then again it's 7 months in and the Spanish flu lasted 2yrs. 

I will have to pray on this and ask for guidance and trust my faith.

Love and Peace