This is the little friend who came to visit us today.


 Yesterday Myah had a great day at school and playing with the neighborhood kids. New friends for her and we are so happy. I think she was afraid she was not going to make friends.  Sometimes I feel that way about myself.  How am I going to meet people? Do I need to speak Spanish first? Don't you love all the stories I made up in my head?! Yesterday, I was reminded about the beautiful friends I do have. They are here with me in my heart.

In my life I've always had one friend who was my best friend and everything revolved around that relationship and I put them on a pedestal that meant putting their lives before mine. I took the back seat.  That was nice for them but really not estimable for me. The things I needed or wanted to do sometimes didn't happen. When I went back to school and met Jesse my life changed. My relationship became the most important aspect of my life along with a new career as a documentary filmmaker.  New friends came into my life and focus wasn't on this one person, but she kept in there until Myah was born. I think being single it was hard for her to see the things I had that she wanted. Through a series of events, she ended up bad mouthing me to my husband. After she left our place, he said honey I think you need new friends. Was he right!!!! Truth is Jesse is the best friend I've ever had. They say marry your best friend and you should!

I was so busy being a new Mom that I wasn't out friend hunting so to speak. In time, my circle grew a little. The people in my life are true friends. When all the stuff with my blog being forwarded without my knowledge, they came to my side. Jesse is proud of me that his mouth runneth over and he admires what I am doing. Therefore he stands with me. My friend Dave is really called no bullshit Dave! I called him to see if I was over reacting and he was like you know I would tell you if you were but you are not. Your boundaries were crossed. Then after I posted my blog, my friend Lady Charmaine Day (and yes, I love having a friend named Lady Charmaine Day!) She is my own personal warrior! She was so angry and very clear that this should not stop me from doing my blog and writing my book. It definitely won't.

Then yesterday, I spoke to my oldest and dearest friend Donna on the phone for a long time. We've been friends since we were 2yrs old. We met making mud pies in our driveway. The two of us couldn't be more different but the love for each other is beautiful. It just felt so good talking to her. Mom my Mom also had a group of friends since she was four and in fact I made documentary about them. In the one of them summarized "You can't make old friends,You can only make new friends!"

Actually, I am not worried about new friends because I've got some pretty good ones and I didn't mention them all. As always, God will put the right people in our lives.

I do think of Costa Rica as our friend!!!


Even Maise made a new friend!


Dave Rudbarg said…
I love it- no bullshit Dave.......