Maise and Me


We had a lovely weekend considering the the bumpy start on Friday. It actually turned out for the best. Jesse couldn't take the traffic anymore and we would have had another 3 or 4 more hours of it. Saturday morning we got up early and no traffic to Parrita. We have stayed here quite a few times and found this little hotel called the Cocomar. The rooms are great and it's across from the Palo Seco beach. Most of the pictures I've posted are from there.

It's rainy season so that means usually you wake to up to the most gorgeous day then around 1pm or so the sky get's grey and it pours. I've never experienced rain that pours so hard. It's exhilarating. The thunder goes right through. I guess because we are in the mountains.  It really doesn't matter that it rains here because it's so intense and then it stops, but the temperature really doesn't change. No jackets or pants required! Shorts and flip flops!

What's so fun about the weekends in Parrita is that we bring our dog Maise. Costa Rica is a dog friendly country especially down by the beach. Though we were kicked out of a restaurant on the main street in Parrita when we first got there. Lunch at the Mer e Sol near the hotel was a different story. Maise roamed around basically keeping her eye on Myah who was eyeing 3 black vultures. At the hotel Maise hangs at the pool and goes to the beach. She likes it but is wary because Jess has a tendency to put her in the pool or the ocean. Maise does a great doggie paddle.

One of the reason I am mentioning her is that out of all of us she has acclimated to Costa Rica the best. Why wouldn't she? In NYC she lived in a very loud city and spent most of her time in the 2 bedroom apartment that had some light. She got to go pee and poop in Central Park with all the other Manhattan Dogs.

Now she lives in a three story town house that is bright everywhere. Has her own little backyard and goes up with us to the pool a few houses away! She takes Myah to and from School. Her newest friend is a cat that lives across the street. She loves sticking her head out of the car when moving fast!

When we lived in the mountains for a month before moving here she had a whole big yard.
Both Myah and Maise had fun exploring that. City kids they are no longer.

What was so cute this weekend is how  everywhere we went Maise assumed she was like us. By that I mean human. At the restaurants she would sit at the table with us and why not?!! We are family!

I envy Maise because I'm not acclimated yet. Getting away was great because I in some sense avoided myself. Yes, doing this blog is fun and I really can't believe it's happening. A new sense of self is being formed and not in a negative way, but more of who am I creating in this new place? This is not a terrible problem to have at all but difficult for me, because my sense of self came from being in a 12 step program, Landmark Education or my recovery of my bipolar illness. For me this is all totally new! In Landmark we would say creating from nothing! You ain't kidding! I feel that this is my time and I desire so much and not sure it's attainable. This is when I usually start praying harder!

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Rosanna Russell said…
Gorrrrgeous post!!! ... Yes, Maise must be enthralled with the new-found freedom from stinky sidewalks & oppressive urban environments! She's taking to it "like a fish to water"! It's natural! For us, not so much... we're complex creatures.
People ask me a lot- "Aren't you enjoying your new state of being retired?!" Well, I miss the kids a lot, I really miss the interactions with colleagues & co-workers, I miss the whole "Latino" vibe of the neighborhoods I worked in... Jeez, I didn't even realize how "White" a world I inhabit outside of my work environment!!! I will go back, either as a Sub per diem (which I'm oddly very good at!!) or something part-time. But I promised myself I'd finish up some crucial paperwork for my mother's care situation before "going back" to the DoE. I'm taking time out to do things for myself as well, easing into a very new lifestyle, reminding myself how great it is to sit over a cup of coffee instead of a mad dash out the door at 7 am!!!!