Stigma Comes to Costa Rica


I don't even know how to start today. That is because I am very angry and tired of the way people treat me because I have a mental illness. Look I have over 6 years of no manic or depressive episodes!! Do you know how rare that is? Yes, I have anxiety at times but I see a doctor and have a therapist. I do take meds.  I am so fucking tired of this!!! I have an illness it isn't all who I am I don't define myself by it.

Why I am so angry is that someone is passing my blog out without my consent and no acknowledgement of my blog. This person passed it to a retired psychiatrist. You really liked my blog by they way. I'm pretty sure it was sent to people I had blocked on FaceBook.  My privacy has been broken without my consent! My rights don't count because I am bipolar! Fuck You!!

This is all because I chose not to be in a relationship with someone because of my own reasons. Now, my husband choses not be in a relationship with this person for his own reasons not because I am bipolar but because of their actions. It's easier to blame someone else then take responsibility. The fact that I am bipolar doesn't stop anything in our lives. If anything it's made us work better together and we are a really a more solidified team. We really love each other very much and we have a remarkable little girl who calls us to be the best people we can can be!

I wish people would stay out of our marriage and concentrate on their own life. To all you judgmental people out there look inside yourself and embrace your flaws. Then go do work on yourself. I have 28 years of working on myself. Stop playing with other people's lives! Karma is a bitch!



Barb Silverberg said…
I was able to get it on my computer, just not on iPad!! Congrats on your years of feeling more in balance. I am so sorry someone betrayed you and violated your trust. You have no need for that toxicity in your life. Just keep moving forward and try to minimize the negativity. You are doing a great job and have moved on in your life. Sending hugs!
Rosanna Russell said…
Just read this. Really sucks... There must be a way to keep it closed, you'd know better than me. It is such a violation of your basic rights, what could they possibly be looking to gain? So misguided, I'm sorry for you but I know it won't stop you from doing what's important to you!! I love your blog posts!!