Costa Rica Fashion


Today is the day I am going to talk Fashion! Oh no!!  It had to happen because I spent 18 years in the industry. Actually, I am not going to talk about the biz. Thank God for that.  What is going on for me is that what is my look now? Yes, that may sound shallow, but you see for many of us the way we dress is art.  I'm not saying I'm Picasso. I'm very far from it. It's the colors and style of clothes we choose from that creates a look and feel that we want to express about ourselves.

I now live in Costa Rica right? The weather is very agreeable. Shorts and t-shirts most days, but when I get out into the mall or places where people are, they dress in jeans and sometimes boots. When I lived in New York, the streets were my fashion magazine and I got ideas there. Here, the only women I see on a daily basis are the Mothers at Myah's school. They are mostly dressed in nice workout leggings and tops. My uniform is either shorts, dress or jeans.

What you have to understand is that they really don't wear black here! Coming from NYC, that's harsh because there goes my wardrobe.  Defining myself in this new culture is what is hard.  I am American, An older Mom, and married to an older man. Of course we feel somewhat out of place.  Time will work itself out, but until then a few outfits that make me more feel comfortable with myself will help fit into my new Costa Rican skin.

Link to Costa Rica's Fashion Week.