Easy Baby...... your on the Costa Rican Track!


Feliz Viernes! (Happy Friday!)

It is a bit gloomy here in Escazu this morning. Going up to 75 with rain. We are coming to the end of rainy season.  It really hasn't been so bad. I thought it would be like Seattle very grey all the time but that wasn't the case.  Sun in the morning to early afternoon most days. Even after it rains the weather is still warm.  Enough with the weather!

I really do like it here. Still adjusting and looking at what I want to create here for myself. Jesse and I both have been so focused on getting Myah settled and she is doing great! Personally I was scared I was scarring my daughter for life and was ready to pack our bags and head back to New York.  What a brave soul she is just jumping into this new life! Making new friends and a new dancing school! The remarkable thing to me about her is she has kept being Myah, not conforming in any way! Sometimes I think it's been a little bit hard at times, but she likes who she is and if anything she's become more Myah! We both are so proud as we should be.

Now, what is Mommy doing to create her new life? It's hard to say because the blog takes a lot of time and started seriously working on my book. This suburban life has always been hard for me. I grew up in a small very WASPy town in New Jersey. There were some good things about it, but for the most part I felt like this fat girl with big curly hair who didn't fit in. Oh yeah, I was Italian!

I loved the city life! Went into Philadelphia any chance I got as a teenager and then made the big move to New York, where it didn't matter if I was fat, had curly hair or was Italian! It was there I became my own person and freed myself of old hurts and abuses.

Gtopia at work!

Costa Ricans are so friendly and my newest friend is Patrica. She was our real estate agent!
Many of the people in our condo are expats. Some work for big corporations, others for the embassy. I had this weird incident when we first moved in and were meeting neighbors. There is a tennis court by our place where both kids and parents hang out in.  We went over introduced ourselves and I was standing with our next door neighbor who I like a lot. This other woman who was with us was American talked to us for at least 30-40 Minutes and she didn't look me in the eye but once. I might have blogged about this before but the story continues. We had Myah's birthday party and her sons came with her husband. She was away and coming back the next day.  A few days later everyone is out on the court and I went out to see Myah ride her bike. This woman was there with my neighbor again. I chose to walk past them and go be with Jesse and Myah. Her husband gave me a look. I don't dislike this woman, but I don't need to be around someone who makes me uncomfortable. Whatever her issues are with me are hers not mine, but I am not subjecting myself to being treated like I'm not there.  My need to fit it in isn't there anymore.  Truly, the friends I have in my life now fit me!  Like what I am creating?!

I do have goals but they are more around my book and advocacy work. Jess and I want to do documentary films.  Yes, I'd like to find a good yoga class and an acupuncturist.  Go to theatre and concerts. I did find a small theater group I'd like to join.  Jess and I want to find a couple to be friends with. What else? the sky is the limit!

Breathe! We've been here 2.5 months so it doesn't have to be all figured out right now. I just want to be in the present and enjoy our routines and the surroundings of Costa Rica.

Some food for thought..........

Love and  Peace to You All!

Ciao! ( Costa Ricans say Ciao. Everyone wants to be Italian!)