Oh! What a Costa Rican Life!!


I am a little tired from all my Birthday celebrating but I will forge on for my faithful followers! Yesterday started earlier than usual because of Myah's United Nation Day at her school.

I want to talk about this event at her school. Myah's school is International so the kids are from all over the world. The school chooses to celebrate the diversity by acknowledging United Nations Day. Everyone participated by representing there home country or a country of their heritage. This is done by a parade of countries. They started off with Argentina and ended with a young boy representing the millions of stateless children. These are children without a country and they said that every 12 minutes a stateless child is born.

What fascinated me about this whole event was how excited the children were to participate in the parade and later in singing and dancing all together. Including my bright eyed 4 year old Myah.
Made me think what if we did this in all schools? Kids growing up knowing each others backgrounds and celebrating them instead of being fearful and having such hate. I will tell you yesterday in that gym there was no fear or hate, just joy and peace.
Myah represented her Southern Italian Heritage

The rest of my day was awesome too! I had the pleasure of Ms. Alexandra at Allure do my hair. A very long process because I changed my blonde tresses for golden ones. Was picked up by my beautiful husband and daughter.  Myah made me close my eyes because they had made me a cake. Of course she helped me blow out my candles! I love that she wrapped my gift in green bubble wrap!

The best was Jess and I actually went out by ourselves. We got in the car and escaped to a great Japanese place then to see that new Tom Cruise movie.  I know Tom Cruise is a weird Scientologist guy but I really like watching him on the screen. Jesse wanted to see the new Blade Runner movie and I have mixed feelings about this. First why was a new movie needed when the first one was brilliant? Yes, Anthony Lane of the New Yorker gave it good reviews, and based on that I may go see it. I just don't want this new film to ruin the first one for me.

It was a lovely day and glad to be alive another year and have a life I love!

Love and Peace to You All!