My Birthday in Costa Rica!

Photo by Jesse Epstein


I hope you all feel refreshed from your weekend! It took us all day yesterday to recover from Myah's Birthday Party! Thank God, everything went really well for Myah. Of course her mother was worried for nothing!

Well, another birthday on the horizon and it's mine! Tomorrow I turn 54! Yikes! Sounds worse than it is. What is so exciting is that Myah's school is celebrating United Nations Day tomorrow! Why this is so exciting to me is that when I was about 10, I found out that I was born the same day as United Nation's Day! I ran around the house telling everyone! Now, tomorrow I will be actually celebrating both. How cool!
What is upmost in my mind about my birthday are two things. I don't feel that number for sure. My body and soul to me are whatever age I want to it to be. The journey is still moving forward and there are still things to do. My health is good so why freak out about a number! All of this being said, what does bother me is how hard it can be to be an older parent. Especially at events. It's rougher here in Costa Rica than in NYC. Most people don't care if your parents are older in New York, but here in a more suburban setting, we stand out. It's hard but we don't let this stop us from doing all the activities with Myah.

The second thing in my mind that it's my second birthday without my Mom. Look, I miss everything! Her beautiful cards and $25 check inside. I loved first thing the morning she would call and sing Happy Birthday to me. She always made things special for our birthdays. We got to choose every year what cake we wanted for our Birthday. My brother and I always chose marble cake and my sister was the Boston creme pie. It's so hard not having a living parent.  My mother and I spoke every day. I loved telling her about what was going on for me.  I miss my relationship with her even though it wasn't always perfect.  You always need your parent no matter how old you get. I remember when my father died, my Mom saying how much she needed my grandmother. Mommy I miss you so much  and Myah still feels your love.

That's out of my system now! I intend on having a Kick Ass! Birthday!! I am in Costa Rica after all!!!!

Love and Peace to All!



Carol said…
Happy Birthday Gina, enjoy your special day! ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽ๐Ÿจ
Dave Rudbarg said…
I love you so much and I treasure the memory of the birthday party with Myah and your Mom in the basement with all the kids.
You are a great Mom ,a great wife ,a great friend and a great advocate.
Happy Birthday!
Rosanna Russell said…
I'm thinking of you!!!! Que lo cumplas feliz!! (That's what everybody says) I tried calling your tel. #s. I wish you a really great and fabulous and wonderful B-day all year long!!!! Felicidades para este aรฑo para los 3 !!!! Con muchisimo cariรฑo Rosanna Banana Danna - aka Rox

PS- To be honest, it can also be verrrry hard to have a living parent... with dementia
Imagine if you couldn't have moved there because your mom was infirm. I know you miss her terribly & I'm not in any way diminishing all that she was for you. (My mom didn't do many of those acts of kindness, and now I can't go anywhere. I don't blame her for anything, she did the very best she could, & not looking for pity) Only to remind you, G, You are free!!! It's quite a gift!!