My suburban Life in Costa Rica


Writing  to you by the pool at our hotel in Panama City. This post isn't about Panama because I just got here! Sorry, you will have to wait until Monday.

Well, Gina what is this post about? Well, readers I don't have a fucking clue! So there! No, I haven't been drinking. Actually I'm not a drinker. I know but give me a break I have a mental illness.

Actually what I like to talk about is the suburban life I lead now.  It's really not my thing and you know that because I lived in NYC for 33yrs for a reason. We are now slaves to our car and already one of the kids in our neighborhood pointed out we were Jews. He's shame on his parents.

The real reason I moved to NYC in the first place was school, but it was mostly the anonymity that the city offers. I come from a small town in South Jersey and everyone knows everyone's business. It's like you are under a microscope...always being compared to my brother & sister while in school. I was  proud of their accomplishments, but wasn't interested in the things they were. High school was hard for me because my illness was starting and I just was so scared and frightened all the time. I really wasn't sure who I wanted to be!

In New York, it didn't matter. You met friends who were from all over the world and nobody cared what you did, because your life was your own. It took me awhile to get used to that because, not only am I from a small town, but I am the youngest in a close knit opinionated Italian family. Another reason for the escape. Within all the chaos of the city, my anonymity was my peace.

Now, I am back in suburbia...Costa Rican Style! I've been somewhat shy to really stepping in. It's not easy because people are friendly, but they don't want you to invade their territory. Especially if you are Jewish! Of course the family whose kid said that are American.  We both  just want a good life for Myah and to be able to do our art here. I trust the right people will come into our lives. But it is going to take time. Starting over is much more difficult than I imagined it to be. I don't feel lonely, because I still have my friends and a husband with whom is easy to be myself.

I have found some havens and they are the grocery store and the mall. The Auto Mercado is a really nice grocery store. Just beautiful and so enormous! Anything would look good compared to the Fine Fare in Harlem. You can bring any size stroller in there without getting in the way. All the food is fresh and a nice bakery. It is Whole Food expensive. We only get things there we can't get at Price Smart (It's like Costco) or the farmers market.

The Mall in Escazu is called the Multi Plaza  and it's a luxury mall. There are all the same stores that we have back in the states. It's just designed beautifully and has three floors! The thing about the mall is I get to walk and walk. There are some good home furnishing stores that we've gotten things from and we bought Myah shoes for school there.

My last note to you all is that Starbucks here are nicer and the bathrooms are very clean. Service is still slow and instead of the packaged rice bar they have them fresh on a plate. They have Americano or Costa Rican Coffee. I order the Venti Te Frio Negra that is the largest iced black tea.

Love to you all!



Dave Rudbarg said…
Fascinating.I will not take acceptance for granted.
I miss you all.......