Closed Mouthed in Costa Rica

Photo by Jesse Epstein


This is a late post, but I am under the weather. Yesterday, I  had surgery on my mouth, so my life has been ice packs, pain killers and soft food.  I am going to make this short and sweet today.

Before I enter back into my painkiller brain fog, I want to check in and put down any thoughts I might have.

The thing that is bothering me is how to balance being Myah's Mom and having to recover from the surgery.  I feel so guilty not being able to play with her and last night Jess put her to bed because my mouth hurt to read to her. I love putting her to bed. It's our time to laugh and giggle!

Today, I slept while she was at school. We all had lunch together and she went to play with her friend Emme. My afternoon was filled with chick flicks and a great conversation with my friend Lady Charmaine Day.

Having a painful mouth sucks! I don't like not being able to do the things I normally do. Like eat solid foods! What is worse is making sure that what drugs I take don't mess with my regular meds. Being afraid  that sleeping too much from pain meds can trigger depression. Constantly aware of what could happen and still take care of myself. It's all exhausting and I do it. Actually I do it well.

Love and Peace to You All!



Carol said…
Take care of yourself! Xoxo