Cranky in Costa Rica


Well it's been a crap day and that is why I'm posting late. My first inclination was not to post at all but if this is a blog about an authentic journey, it would be pretty inauthentic not to write on a crappy day.

Well,  I woke really tired and then running around getting ready for Myah to get to school made me cranky. Jesse and I got into fight after leaving Myah off at school.  It took while for us both to get through it. Fighting about difference of opinions around issues with Myah's school and other shit. That is another reason why my day is crap. Her school has handled a situation around her age group poorly. Instead of corralling parents together and explaining what is going on they sent us an email.  It's a long story, but she has only been in this school 3 months.  Then my precious Myah is testing us by not listening. I  don't take it personally, but it's hard disciplining her. I'm really committed to her personal growth so I can't waiver in any way, but today I'm in a crappy mood.  I also got my prosthetic teeth  today. They feel weird and a lot of maintenance is required. Am very glad to at least look like myself again.  You would think that would make feel better. It kinda does.

It's just a hard day. Most of the time I work quite well, but EVERY day is a fight for me and some days are harder than others. Today is a hard day, so it makes the fight harder. Especially when I realized the underlying thing for me today is that I miss my Mom.  Really miss talking to her. It's almost 2 years since her death. Still hard to believe.

I feel homesick for New York and wish things were moving faster here.  Some days it's just quite a lot to handle.  I am going to end now, because I  feel myself getting ready to ramble, so I am going to end right now! Hoping weekend is better. Until Monday!

Love and Peace to You All



Carol said…
Hello Gina,

You have to remember that this is all new for Myah as well, even though she is young, it's still new to her. She is testing you to see what her boundaries are. Just get down to her level and talk quietly to her.