Lunes! Lunes! (Monday! Monday!)


Lunes! Lunes! Da Da......

It's Monday in Costa Rica! I know you are all wondering what wise things am I going to say? Nada, as they say here in Costa Rica. Of course another shooting back home. Again, tragic and could have been prevented. It's getting all too sad what's happening in the home of the free and the land of the brave.

Yes, I do miss New York City, and I knew I would.  Some of the things I miss I didn't think I really would. The anonymity of New York is what drew me there in the first place and somehow I had taken it for granted, because here it's different. While I am in process of recreating myself here in Costa Rica, I realized how important that anonymity was. The mobility factor and getting around the city. You can really make things happen there. Right now, I am slave to my computer and the internet.

The walking factor is big for me because I love to walk and New York is best place to walk and people watch.  I liked the school Myah went to and the kids and parents. Here the parents are so young and in New York they were little bit older.  We are finding it hard to socialize like we are used to.  In New York people don't have their guard up so much.  Costa Ricans are friendly but hard to get to know. Most of the people in our condo are here for a few years then they move on. Some are nice but mostly younger.

I feel negative today with no possibility. Just been a hard week with my anemia and not having two front teeth. Tomorrow I get my implants and very nervous because I always leave the dentist in pain. It's also a risk for my bipolar to be triggered and that makes me anxious on top of the anxiety I already have about the surgery. Life!!!

Transitioning is difficult and I knew it would be, but it still sucks!

Love and Peace to You all!



Rosanna Russell said…
So how did it go? Yeah, I can really relate to the feelings of an "emotional rollercoaster"... the setbacks, missing stuff. Since retiring from the NYC DoEd officially as of Sept. 1, it has been a process of adjustment... as I knew it would, but like you say, it's still a process, and more intense than I had anticipated. I really really REALLY miss being with the kids every day, the interactions with school staff, co-workers & families. I'm here now in "whitebread" suburbia... I miss the whole Latino & people of color vibe of Washington Heights, the "flavah !!!" El Sabor!!! All that said, I DON'T miss rushing out the door before 7 am every morning! The insane pressure of "data-driven" instruction bullshit, the assessment frenzy, etc. (I could go on!!) But still, it's important to acknowledge those feelings brought about by a big change... (and also, I remind myself not to wallow in them!) Life is Good!! I'm also recreating myself into my next chapter!!!! And I am enjoying my new found freedom!!!!! Yay- ahhh!!!! Con mucho cariƱo siempre! Querida amiga!