It's not all Palm Trees and Sunshine!


I know it's Monday and I haven't forgot the dread that comes with this day. Let's try to think of it as a fresh start to a great week. Do I sound all Polyana? Well, if I do it's all Lin-Manuel Miranda's fault. He twittered today that better to start being grateful and I think that's pretty awesome! It was exactly what I needed to hear today.

Yesterday, was a rough day because I was feeling really sad and upset about this situation with Myah's school. What happened wasn't so terrible other than the fact that there were some things they didn't tell us. The lack of professionalism is what is worrisome to me. Sad because we moved to the Central Valley because we wanted Myah to go to this school. We could have lived by the beach or more in the mountains. I was also missing New York terribly. The mobility of the city is hard to beat. Here we are in the car all the time.  It was the first time I wanted to go back.  Look, I lived there for 33 1/2 years and I'm allowed to want to pack my bags every once in awhile!

An unexpected surprise came in the form of an old friend from a leadership program I was in 17years ago. I'm freaking because I didn't realize how long ago that was. Heather was visiting a friend on the other side of the Costa Rica and was heading back home, so we met at the airport and went for breakfast at Denny's! We had a couple of hours of great conversation. I really have admired her for a long time. She has always taken a stand for women and girls. When we were on the Team Management Leadership Program she wrote a book for young girls and now is a life coach at It was so great to see her and connect so seamlessly. A very powerful woman! I will be doing a Podcast on her site and will give info when that happens.

Before I close I need to say something quick about the Team Management Leadership Program I did at Landmark Education. Really it's about Landmark and the transformational work they do. If you are looking for a way to transform your life, relationships, or career...this is the place. Who I am today is reflected in the work I have done with Landmark. I found out who Gina is and how much I like her and that she can create the life she loves.  Coming down off the soap box now!

Earthquake last night! We are all ok.

Love and Peace to You All



Heather Gray said…
So happy we reconnected Gina!
And I love your blog and that you are sharing your story in this way.
xo Heather