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Well, I was interviewed on Taboo Talk Radio about mental health wellness! It was really a lot of fun. I wasn't very nervous and anxious about being interviewed. The subject matter was something I know a lot about.  Soon I may be doing a Podcast on Mysoulfilledlife. Will keep you updated on when that will be happening. It's all so powerful and I'm really grateful for my blog and those who read it! Really enjoying writing and posting things out in social media.

It is so beautiful today in Costa Rica! Kind of an oxymoron but rainy season seems to be slowly leaving.

We went to a meeting at Myah's School because they were sold to this British Company called Nord Anglia. What can I say but their presentation was the same as their website. The head woman in charge of our region made a remark about American studies and how different world education will be taught. At first I was pissed about the comment, but when you consider our current president and his lack of knowledge of history or current events, you can't blame her.

I'm just one of those people who have a hard time with change. I always have and of course rooted in my childhood. It started when Mrs. Ford, my kindergarten teacher, put me in the corner for talking and moved my seat away from my friend Donna. The weird thing is I crave change! I get bored easily. My anxiety appreciates it so. (break to make funny faces with Myah!)

Got news from my doctor that my anemia is worse. I thought so, because I've been so tired. More tests to be done and hopefully I will feel better.

Have a great weekend! Love and Peace to You All!



Rosanna Russell said…
Hi G! Just catching up, 10 days after this post. Is it possible any of the meds you take contribute to lowering absorption of iron?
I take a great iron supplement that is non constipating, made by Solgar, called Gentle Iron.