New York State of Mind in Costa Rica

photo by Jesse Epstein


Well, it's happened again. Another terrorist attack in New York City. My hometown. When I heard what happened yesterday my heart sank for I know all to well the feelings of fear and uncertainty that come from this situation. I had all these flash backs to 9/11 and how painful it was.

No, yesterday's incident wasn't as catastrophic as 9/11 or was it? We have been listening to NPR and reading every newspaper, and they keep talking about how ISIS is encouraging lone wolf operations to wipe out the infidels. I don't know about you, but I've never considered myself an infidel before? Definitely a bitch...but never an infidel!

Why I think it's more catastrophic than 9/11 is that it was a very calculated long range plan through the Jihad organization.  One big hit to New York's financial district. A consolidated hit to one area. Yet, in the past year we have seen Paris, London and Barcelona all terrorized in the same way as New York was yesterday. Cars just bashing their way through crowds of people. This is an easier way to get to us infidels and it is happening frequently. With the ISIS propaganda pushing lone wolf types to take this kind of action and the number of incidents that they count as successful, more of this is going to take place all over the world. That is why I believe it is more catastrophic. There will be more deaths and it is difficult for law enforcement to track down these type of terror attacks.

On a more personal note I was fortunate that all my friends and my cousin Gary were safe. Shaken up but safe. I can't tell you how many times Jesse and I have gone down that bike path. Him on his bike and me running. It's beautiful to go down the path and be near the water.  Now, I think how many people won't go that way anymore?

Then they wouldn't be real New Yorkers! Look, no punk in a rented truck or some religious fanatic group is going to stop New Yorkers! They are tough!

Hope for a better world! Love and Peace to You All!!



Dave Rudbarg said…
The point is not to hate a group. This is a man with issues who felt his need to matter superceded others' right to live.
Very very very sad.