Trials and Waterfalls


It's Friday!!! The weekend is coming and time to relax and enjoy yourself.  You can start by catching up with Gtopia!!  The truth about living here in Costa Rica is that you always feel like you are on vacation, except when stuck in traffic.

Photo: Jesse Epstein
Last Sunday we went to Jaco, the closest beach town near us. Jaco is a very cool surfing town with great beaches. It reminds me in someways of the New Jersey shore, in the sense they both sell a lot of crap. Tons of stores and restaurants. We didn't go to the beach Sunday. Instead we signed up for a Waterfall tour out to San Jose & Puntarenas Provinces.  Our little adventure turned into a little more than we had planned.

After leaving downtown Jaco in out tour guide's outdoor vehicle, the road to adventure began quick and bouncy.  Red clay was our pavement and the rain forest was our surroundings. Of course I have no patience and couldn't wait until we got to the Waterfalls. As we rode we saw pelicans and hawks. The rain forest is fascinating and our guide showed us all these medicinal trees and plants.

Photo: Gina Epstein

Photo: Gina Epstein
We finally get close enough to walk to the falls and it turns out to be nature's obstacle course. It wasn't what I expected. I thought we get out of the car and walk 5 minutes like the brochure said! It was close to an hour the path was steep and the red clay was soft so your feet sunk right in it.

Myah did well and we tried to point out bugs and birds to her as a distraction as we went down the incline to the falls. The closer we got to the falls the louder they became. This scared Myah so by the time we got to the falls she didn't want to go in. We understood and didn't push. I went in thinking she might come if I did. It was exhilarating and beautiful! I had a hard time getting under the falls because of current and I was approaching from wrong side. One of the guides helped me but as he pulled my hand my loose caps on my front teeth fell into the water! So, my great moment under the falls was tainted by the fact I had no front teeth.  For a few minutes I let myself be in the moment and enjoy the falls because I knew my loss of the caps would still be there when I got out.
Photo: Gina Epstein

Photo: Gina Epstein

We didn't continue onto to the two other waterfalls, because Myah wouldn't go in the water. To be honest the current was pretty strong, so I am kinda glad she didn't go in. It was a good trip for us, but I think we need to do more research when going on these trips for Myah's sake.

Photo: Jesse Epstein

Now, my teeth! It's almost a week with these 2 posts hanging down. I feel like my Mom's cousin Flo. She used to take her dentures out to eat, then smoke a cigarette and drink beer!  Actually I am handling it better than I thought. Getting implants on Tuesday. Thought about posting pic of my teeth but honestly not a pretty sight and I am authentically vain

Love and Peace to You All!



Dave Rudbarg said…
I know the feeling. Since I live in an area where no one knows me locally I will go out shopping without my upper denture.
It's quite freeing . I love this blog of yours. Very very proud of you.
Rosanna Russell said…
Wow! An unexpected adventure! When I was in Costa Rica (22 years ago!) I remember Tours describing the Nature Tour we took as being easier than it actually was!! I think they do that on purpose. Sorry to hear you lost your front caps. I had to get an implant on one of my top front teeth many years ago. Implants are the way to go!! *You're lucky to be in CR, dental work like that is soooo much less costly than in the U.S. My friend Jessica's husband actually traveled to CR to have major dental work done. He said the entire trip, stay and dental procedure cost far less than the dental work alone would've cost here!! Getting implants is kind of an involved process, I found it tedious. But hey! It was well worth it!