Tis The Season in Costa Rica

Photo by Jesse Epstein


I'm not going to do my usual Monday thing I think it's losing it's charm. Hope you are all well. I'm pretty good considering I am still dealing with my anemia. Praying for energy!

Well,  Tis the season in Costa Rica!  The holidays are finally here! I love Christmas and not for the presents like my daughter. I love buying gifts and pride myself on being good at it.  My mother taught me that! Christmas was always special in our house because my Mom made it so.  Now, it's my turn to make it special for my daughter.

This is my first Christmas where the chance of snow is nil and it's above 70 degrees. Everything has been decorated in Costa Rica since October. Black Friday has come and gone here. I never thought they would be like us in the States. I am not sure if I am disappointed or not. Looking forward to the next few months.

We are planning a tree trimming party. Myah is looking forward to it and planning to have gift bags for everyone. She likes getting gifts but is starting to learn about giving. I've had tree trimming parties when I was single. They are so much fun and put everyone in the spirit!

It is almost the 2year anniversary of my mom & aunt's fatal car accident. It is starting to hit me. Life hasn't be the same. It was a horror story that happened to my family. Losing two strong heads of the family at once was unbearable. I really don't know how we made it through the first year. Words cannot express how much I miss my mother. She was my rock. I mostly miss talking to her and telling her what Myah is up to. I could go on but I will probably share more as the season goes on.

Just want to tell you that I am going to live in a week or so on FaceBook! I have been thinking you all might like to see some of Costa Rica!

Love and Peace to You All!