Friday!!!!!!!!! Please let's get up and do our Friday dance!! Look I have a 4yr old and I've done a poopy dance, pee pee dance and I moved to Costa Rica Dance! Actually we have a dance for everything in our house. Myah loves to dance and she is really good at it. She is so coordinated...not like her parents.

This just popped into my mind as I wrote about dancing. Life is like a dance. I know not real profound and it's probably been said before. This morning I was thinking of all the stages of my life and each one had it's own rhythm. Happy dance of early child hood, the tormented dance of my teen years, my 20's were the Martha Graham dance of disjointed moves, my 30's introspective, personal growth, and fun dance! My 40's was a waltz of love and my 50's are Motherhood and being true to myself dance!

I've been feeling sad because the holidays are coming and it will the 2nd one without my mom. She was a part of every dance in my like. She had great impact on them all.  A part of my dance is gone in my life and she shadows my every move.

My creative spirit daughter Myah is a dancer. Every day she has a new dance to show me. I hope her life is filled with dances she creates. Her exuberance for the movement gives me new rise to my own dance.

Love and Peace to You All!!