50 in Costa Rica!!!


As I opened Blogger to write today I noticed this is my 50th post to all of you! YEAH!!!!! I am so proud of myself for following through on my idea to write this blog. I do have to say that there is a certain vulnerability to putting myself out there in the world of social media. Really not sure if I was younger, I would have done it like this. What I mean by that is that I wouldn't be as open about myself. Though the reasons for doing this are that I wanted to show that someone living with Bipolar Disorder can have a rich and full life. The other reason is to document this journey to Costa Rica in a personal way.

The weather In Costa Rica has changed for the best! Good bye rainy season! Some people here call it Summer. That doesn't really work for me because I know it's winter. There may not be sufficient words to describe how incredible it is outside. Today it's 73 degrees Fahrenheit sunny and with a real nice hearty wind. Beautiful! Very grateful that we were able to do the move.

We are all adjusting in our own way. It's not easy on any of us except Maise! Myah has her moments still. I think it's easier for her at school than here in the condo. There are few kids her age and the ones her age here are already settled. The hard part for me is letting go and letting her find her own way. This is what I want for the both of us. It's just tough.

Just wanted you to know what is in the works for gtopia. Looking to move to a new platform so I can put more things up for you to see. I will be going Live on FB hopefully by the beginning of the new year. Well, have fun! You know it is the season to be Jolly!!!!!

Love and Peace to You All!