A New Pace of Life


I feel like there isn't much to say today since I posted yesterday. You know that's such bullshit! This girl always has something to say! I'm in a place of overwhelm and all I want to do is whine about it. That just wouldn't be fair to my loyal readers. Listening to someone whine is so unpleasant but whining itself feels good sometimes. I promise no whining.........

One of the things I noticed since I moved to Costa Rica is that in New York, I was more productive. This really bothers me. I've been sitting here trying to think why? Well, the energy of each place is different. New York City is so fast paced and the Central Valley where we live it's pretty busy because we are right next to the city of San Jose. Everyone is in their car, stuck in traffic, looking at the beautiful mountains. It is certainly not tranquil like the beach, but it has a suburban rhythm to it.

Myah requires most of my attention as always.  The difference here is my child care isn't as good. Marlenny had Myah from 12-6 Tuesday and Thursday's so I could go to therapy, acupuncture, monthly psychiatrist visits, along with my advocacy work with NAMI. There were days I had some time to shop, run errands, get nails and hair done.

Now, I have to be driven everywhere since I don't have my license yet. There is no sense of freedom for myself or for my husband. I write the blog and do other business while Myah is at school. Though she get's out at 12pm. We have lunch and depending on if she has a play date or dance class, we are home.

In New York, Marlenny handled playdates with other nannies and here it's all us mothers. It's good for me to to spend time with the other mothers and I don't care that I'm older. Because I am older, I feel like I really don't have things in common with them other then our children. The parents in New York were younger, but we all lived the shared experience of living in one of the epicenters of the world and we all seemed to be up to something in our lives.

As I am writing this what is coming very clear is that Jess and I haven't created a plan of how we need things to work, so we can do the things we want and feel freer with our time as a family.

The overwhelm I've been feeling is with all the things I need to be doing for the blog, my book, taking care of myself, and now Christmas!!! Of course Myah and Jess come before all that!


I feel grateful that I have a bounty of things to overwhelm me! I'd be bored otherwise; wouldn't you?

Love and Peace!



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