More Christmas!!!


This is a Saturday post because my anemia is wearing me out and yesterday, I just had a really busy day. Couldn't force myself in front of the computer last night.

Well, I apologize for subjecting you to another Christmas Post. It's hard not go on when you have a 4yr old. Yesterday, Myah's school had a really good event. Santa came and each child had bought a gift to give to Santa for poor children in the area. The number of gifts collected was incredible. The tricky part was explaining to my 4yr old why Santa needs gifts. Very proud of myself for this story. I told Myah that the elves had so many orders that they didn't think they could finish by Christmas Eve so Santa asked if we could help out?! What do think? Good right? It seemed like she bought it, but who knows!

I feel like so much to do for Christmas. Waiting on Amazon to deliver most of Myah's gifts. Have no clue what to get Jesse and I have no clue what I would like either. Book stores here aren't that great. Very little in English.

One thing is clear is that I am happy we are here right now. It's freezing back in New York and I don't miss too much what family I do have left. Friends yes! The fact is I don't have as many close friends as I used to and I really like it that way. Less drama and I don't get lost in the mix.

We have a nice beach vacation planned for the end of this month and we are going to Nicaragua beaches after the New Year. Also our Marlenny is coming in January!! So excited! Myah can't wait! Then we will go to Parrita for a long family weekend. It's nice to have things to look forward to.

I am planning to go live on these trips, so you can see Costa Rica as I do. Feeling selfish that I am not doing that now. So get ready!!!

Love and Peace to You All!