Tree Trimming......


Hope you are all enjoying this Holiday Season.  People keep asking me if it's weird being in a warm climate this time of year.  It hasn't seemed to make a difference so far. To me the tree and all the decorations give me the spirit. It also helps when you have an 4yr old incessantly talking about Santa Claus. Our house is decorated and on the outside we have colored lights up and a wreath on our door.

We had our tree trimming party on Sunday. First we had hard time getting a tree. They grow trees here, but they are Cyprus trees and not good for hanging heavier ornaments. Trees from Canada were shipped in. Wow! But the prices on these were so expensive plus they were small. I had to face the fact that our only option was to get a fake tree. A fake tree!! It was unbearable, but had to be done. Jess went on the search. We had seen the ones at Walmart and they were awful. While I was getting my hair done, my husband the Jew scored a coup at Siman, the Department store in the mall. He ended up being offered the display model that was much fuller, and with a 30% discount! He and Myah put it together so it was all ready for tree trimming party.

Jess made an invitation that we posted on Facebook and WhatsApp groups. Was nervous about this whole party. In New York you knew who would come and it was really easy and laid back. I live in the suburbs now and I feel like everyone is watching us! I hate it.  Though to my surprise many neighbors came. The wonderful thing is that many of the people didn't know what a tree trimming party was and still came. That was really great.

We had a nice time and Myah practically decorated the tree herself before everyone got there. Still felt out of place with everyone still speaking Spanish. I mean there was conversation in English, but still felt like the outsiders in our own home. I'm not sure how much a difference it will make when we learn Spanish or not. Will people accept two older parents? Americans? Liberals? Bipolar? Right now it doesn't seem to bother Myah, but it might later on.

Learning Spanish is goal for next year. If anything, it will make life easier on a daily basis. Costa Rica is beautiful and the people are kind.


Love and Peace to All!