Myah Love is Good!


I am a day late in my posting. Sometimes it's hard to get time in front of the computer when you have a family and are living in a new country. Also, my anemia has been kicking my ass!

Today I have no clue as what to write. My husband said I should write what is on my mind. You really shouldn't say that to someone who is bipolar. Granted I am on meds and have almost 7years recovery, so my brain isn't going 1000 mph...but it's probably at 500mph. So, it means that you probably don't want to hear what's all in my head. I guess maybe some of the highlights from the week, so let me start with Myah.

Myah is the best gift from God I received. I am so in love with my daughter. She is growing every day and so far I think she is doing a spectacular job at it! Her curiosity, her sense of humor and above all her fertile imagination. I feel as if I am in some wonderland when I am with her. Dancing is her passion. At 4 she has such dedication to ballet. We are her audience as she dances to her own choreography. It's amazing to watch.

Today, she and I did our last bit of Christmas Shopping at the mall. Myah was having fun picking gifts for everyone. I let her do most of the choosing of gifts so she learns the meaning of giving. It was such a pleasant experience. We held hands and walked all over the crowded mall together. She was emphatic that we buy her father chocolate! When I had to tell her no when she wanted something for herself, I was expecting some begging or crying, but no she just walked away with me.

I think back of when she was an infant and I used to think about what kind of toddler she would be? And now I look at her and think what kind of teenager she will become? It all goes so fast! Though I have enjoyed all of it and it keeps getting better.

Love and Peace to You All!!!