No Silver Bells and All is Well!!!


Well. as luck has it I am home alone! Well almost. Maise is here. Yes, I felt like doing a dance in my underwear to that song "That Old Time Rock in Roll!" Mothers out there can relate because we never get time to ourselves. Since I've lived in Costa Rica I rarely have time to be with me.

So, here I sit writing you and listening to Christmas music. It's making me very nostalgic for New York and for my parents home. Wonderful memories, and honestly I don't miss the cold weather at all! Yesterday we spent a gorgeous day out in Alajuela at Myah's friend Grace's home. It's not a typical farm in Costa Rica, very large and beautiful grounds. We just sat amongst the palm trees and watched the girls play. The sun was warm and the breeze was so gentle. I thought to myself how grateful I was to be enjoying all of this and not missing NYC too much!

There so many things I'd like to share with all of you but I decided to hold off until the holidays. I want to be present for my family and 2018 is another year of making things happen!

We are leaving on the 29th to go to Coco Beach and then up to Nicaragua. I will be going live and send pics to you!  Excited to experience another part of Costa Rica!

I always end with Love and Peace to You All and I really mean it. There is nothing better than loving yourself and the world you have created for yourself. Peace is the by product of all that. Put all the clutter of the world away and enjoy your loved ones this Holiday season!

Yes! Love and Peace to You All!!! Have a Very Merry Christmas!!!