A Day at the Circus!

Photo by Jesse Epstein


Well, I am having one of those days a friend used to describe as wanting to run away and join the circus! I feel there is so much on my plate and that there is nothing on my plate. Going back and forth do I want to stay here in Costa Rica or do I want to go back to New York? This usually comes up when I start missing the city and my way of life there.

I did make headway in the process of writing my book. Right now I am at the planning and research stage.  My focus up until now is to learn how to write a book and how to get it published. It's moving slower than I thought and that get's me frustrated at times.

One of the things the blog has done is reminded me of how much I like to write. When I was younger I wrote a lot.  I guess because I got busy with my fashion career and working on myself I stopped. That makes me sad. It's not a good thing to stop doing the things you enjoy.

Writing this book is important to me and my distractions are sometimes of my own making.  But mostly my time is allocated to Myah and Jesse. The problem is that when I do get time to myself, I want to rest or read...not do work. Plus, this blog is more time consuming than I thought it would be, because I didn't realize all the social media that I have to engage in to get out there and be followed!

I know I sound like one big complaint and I am! But I am also aware how grateful I am to have these kinds of problems.

Love and Peace to You All!