Dreamers are Forever!

Photo by Jesse Epstein


Today, here in Costa Rica is Election Day. They are voting for their new President. We are so jealous! Interesting that they vote on a Sunday and if you are working your boss must give you time to vote. Since it's a real Democracy, the popular vote wins. I was pissed when Hilary lost even though she had won the popular vote.  Now here in Costa Rica, the front runner is an Evangelical Christian who is against gay marriage. Just noticing some differences and similarities between my country and where we are living now. I am an American and will always be.

The thing is I just don't feel proud like I used to. I love the people but not the government. This whole thing with the dreamers is so unconstitutional I could scream! Except for Native Americans, we are all dreamers in the United States. That is what makes our nation so great. If he is going to to deport immigrants, he should deport the whole country. Either we came to the USA or our family came before us. Those who crossed over on the Mayflower to Plymouth were immigrants. All of those who have come for over 600yrs had a dream of a better life.

My father's family came from Italy in 1884 and my Mother's grandmother came over in 1908 at the age of 13 by herself. They all had a dream of a better life for themselves and their families. Well, actually my great grandmother left because she had a wicked stepmother but that's another story.

I adored my father. His love of country was infectious. He instilled pride of our heritage and love of our country. He once told me he believed Americans were people who were drawn to the United States from other places and came here. He was no liberal, but a staunch republican. My father gave me great values and none of them included racism or greed.  He used to say "Kids, prejudice is nothing but fear and ignorance." But that is what is running our country right now. Very sad.
We should take the Statue of Liberty down because we don't take huddle masses or the poor and hungry.

Tonight, we are doing our duty as American Citizens and attending a Super Bowl Party! Go Eagles!!!

Love and Peace to All of You!


Rosanna Russell said…
Hi G! I'm just catching up, I guess it's been over a month, yikes! It's so amazing that your grandmother came over by herself at age 13! Can you imagine?! Great share