It's Valentine's Day!!

Happy V-Day!!

I've never been a big Valentine Person. I was single for long time before I met my sweetheart, but I do like celebrating Love. There are so many kinds of love. The love of a good friend and the love of ones parents. The main reason I miss my parents is because I miss the unconditional love I received from them. Love of a special someone and love of a child. I could go on and on but I won't.

For me, falling in love with my husband and experiencing the love of motherhood are two of the best things to happen in my life. There isn't anything like these two loves. They make me feel more in touch with the universe.

Now, just saying this I want to also point out that there is no greater love than loving oneself! Sometimes we don't know how important it is to love ourselves. I know I sound like that song "The Greatest Love of All!"

My childhood was filled with self loathing. There has never been anyone as mean to me as I was to myself. I called myself the "Fat Bitch" for years.  I did drugs, compulsively overate and was a laxative bulimic.  My relationships were unhealthy and I was good at putting others needs before mine. This all changed because I couldn't stand myself anymore. I didn't know how not to be this way but I wanted to be different.  29 years ago I started working consistently on myself and I am still a work in progress.

I can't end without mentioning my sweetheart on Valentines Day! If it wasn't for self love, I would never have attracted one of the gentlest and kindest men I have ever known. Jesse has surpassed any expectations I had about what a soul mate should be. It's never perfect, but always real. My love for him grows deeper each day we are together.

Lots of Love to You All!!!