I'm getting tired of starting out with Hola every time I write the blog. Have to come up with something new. I think it was a good opener when the blog was new. Will take any suggestions!

One of the things about living here that I noticed yesterday is the guilt I feel needing to stay home and have a relaxing day. The weather right now is absolutely gorgeous. Every day is sunny and goes up to 80 degrees at the most. What tops it off is the constant breeze. I feel like I'm in heaven!

We had a real busy week and we were out all day Saturday. I woke Sunday and all I wanted  to do was to have a relaxing day at home. It's been awhile since I read the New York Sunday Times online and laid around watching a bunch of old movies. I am tired of getting up and running out of the house every day. Since Myah was glued to her iPad I had the feeling she felt the same way.

Then I got out of bed and there was the bright sun and beautiful breeze. I was like Fuck! how can I relax today? The pool is closed because the heater broke and needs a new one. So my usual go to was gone! Made my way downstairs for breakfast and firm in my decision to relax. Well, relaxing is relative when you have a four year old.

My husband Jesse (The Love of my life) was born with what my grandmother would call "ants in his pants." He cannot not sit still and is in perpetual motion. Jess is up at 5am and does a whole crap load of stuff before waking Myah and I at 6:15am.

Of course I knew at breakfast he would suggest something for us to do. I was already for him when he suggested going to the park.  La Sabana Park is great, but it's a 20 min drive not the 4 blocks to Central Park like we used to have.  Thank God for Myah because she was a big NO on the park. She just wanted to stay home.

I told Jess if he went, I wouldn't go because I needed to rest and relax. With my anemia right now I am more tired than usual. Actually I am always tired! The one thing with my bipolar illness that I didn't realize until some time ago was how emotionally tired I get. Anxiety being the key factor for me right now, but honestly and I probably have said this before, my day is an ongoing battle with my emotions and the things that do or can trigger me. It's taken me awhile, but I know one way of managing this illness is to relax and rest. It's hard because I put pressure on myself of all the things I need to do. I'm good at making myself wrong.

One thing I am going to pat myself on the back for is actually saying no (granted Myah helped). Lots of times I just go, even though I feel bad and end up more tired.  Then I regret not taking care of myself.

I know you are dying to know what I did yesterday? Well, I was able to read 3 articles in the Times, watch Mission Impossible 3 and lay on the bed and giggle most of the day with Myah. She is so silly and laughs at everything.  Jess and I had a nice evening together so I had a pretty great day!

Love and Peace to You All!!


Myah danced for Uncle Dave on WhatApp