Photo by Jesse Epstein

Bienvenido (Welcome)!

This is a short post today. Just overwhelmed by events happening in the world and especially in my home, the USA. Sometimes you just need to chill off the social media and news.

I love writing to you guys and I would love to rant about what is happening with the shooting in Florida, but I am going to save us all from that! All I know is my cousin's teenage daughter was afraid to go to school today. A girl who is a fearless softball player! 

My Myah, who lives in what some think is a 3rd world country, went to school today with no knowledge of what her friends are going through in New York. She is guarded from all of this and right now that makes me happy... and sad for my country. She is safe!

Have a beautiful day and do something for yourself!! May you have Love and Peace!