Escazu Farmer's Market

Hola! Today we finally did  something I've been dying to do and that was going to the Farmer's Market. When I was researching  about moving here everyone talked about the Farmer's Market and  how fresh everything was plus how economical it is. Well, they didn't lie. Every town has one. Ours is in Escazu. Next week we will bring the cart. We bought so much stuff! Some of it we didn't even know what it was. I will give you an example of how cheap we bought 2 bunches of broccoli for less then $2.00 and a quart of strawberries was $2.00. The only expensive thing we bought were these organic juices Jesse wanted.  I love farmer's markets. Why? Well, I grew up in South Jersey and when I was a kid there were lots of farms around us so in the summer we would always go and get fruits and vegetables. The top three are Jersey Peaches, Corn and tomatoes! Nice memories.

We are almost unpacked but I have to finish putting away my clothes and dishes that go in the new sideboard. Jess and I have to decide where the artwork goes and put up the book shelves. I am pretty proud of us.

I am a little worried about Myah. She is having a hard time with the language barrier. Like today in the pool there was a girl her age and she wouldn't play with her because she spoke Spanish. Myah feels uncomfortable not being able to speak Spanish. That isn't like her. She is a very confidant little kid and I don't want her to digress. Her teacher says she is doing well in class and has 2 friends. One speaks some English and the other Portuguese. I trust the school and my daughter.

More on our adventures in Costa Rica later.