Hello from Costa Rica

Well, here I am at it again at STARBUCKS! We get our cable and internet today!! I feel there are so many things to be grateful for but I am very anxious. A part of me says Gina you should be anxious you moved to a new country and we don't speak Spanish and Myah's going through big changes at school. Of course I can't let myself be human as I have to put all kinds of pressures on myself! UGH!!
I love it here! My whole life I have been waiting to live where there are Palm Trees and I have 2 in my back yard. This country is beautiful and Ticos(native Costa Ricans) are really friendly and kind.
I'm not trying to dis NYC but friendly isn't what I would call New Yorkers. Yes it has that reputation, but in 33yrs, I met some of the best people. People who took care of me and loved me when my family wasn't around. I'm not home sick yet but Central Park Sick!! I love running in that park! Plus it has such a rich history. Myah loved to explore the park. She explores everything here especially bugs! Really not  her mother's daughter there!!

The basic truth is I am finally in living in Paradise and I'm freaking! Not in a bad or good way but just in awe of my latest achievement. Being bipolar makes one more sensitive to emotions and feelings. The important part is how to manage it all. That is something I am pretty good at.
Yes, there was a time I felt like the biggest fuck up, but now I know I have an illness and in someways it has taught me how to love myself more. How could that be? Well, in taking care of myself for one thing and the other is having compassion for myself in dealing with a mental illness.

Yesterday was a big day for us because we finally switched to a Costa Rican phone company. It's called Claro. It's a pre-paid plan because we don't have our Cedula. That means we aren't residents yet. You can't do anything here without your Cedula. Couldn't get a mortgage, or finance a car purchase with out paying an absorbent interest rate and we can only have a small bank account.  It's always something! We won't have our Cedula for another 14 months or so.
The Cedula is something I will have to post at a later time. There are lot's interesting observations to share.

Looking forward to our next chat! Stay well!