Good Morning! From my own little office in our kitchen! No more Starbucks! We are finally starting to feel like we are home. Still have boxes but all the rooms are set up. After 7 weeks I am finally suitcase free! The worst thing for me is living out of a suitcase. You end up wearing the same few things you can actually find. Still have to finish unpacking my clothes and have already gotten rid of so many things that are too warm to wear here. What was I thinking?!

I have a pretty full day. First we drop Myah at school then have my psychiatrist appointment followed by an appointment with my therapist. Today our sideboard is being delivered after 1pm. A sideboard is like a buffet. Do we really need a sideboard? Probably not but gives me a place to put my mother in law's sculpture she did when at Cooper Union in the 1930's. Plus it balances the room.
Our day isn't finished yet. We have an open house at Myah's school tonight.  My mantra today is just breathe.

I know my psychiatrist Dr. Monge will be talking today about the fact that people with mental illness in Costa Rica can't get any insurance!! I know this because I tried getting us insurance. Now I had no delusion that a pre-existing condition would not be covered but not to be covered for anything? A reason an agent explained to me was that the side effects of drugs could cause other illnesses. Really!!!  Tell me something we all don't know. This person then continued to try to sell me insurance for Jesse & Myah. Can you believe that?!  Now Costa Rica has a universal healthcare system called Caja but you need a Cedula (residency) in order to get it. You pay a monthly bill I think less than $100. It definitely is not the same as other institutions and I have over a year or so before we can count on it. Luckily my sense of determination secured us a pretty good plan. I spoke to a nice Irish gentleman named Jay at Cigna Int'l. They were happy to give this bipolar woman and her family a plan. Of course not as good as we had at Jesse's job but we are covered. Yes, they questioned my bipolar but I have had one hospital stay for 3 days and nothing else. Made me think whether if I had multiple hospital stays if it would be different. You know those few days of knowing I couldn't get health insurance because of my illness was really scary and I was so angry at the same time. On a personal level I couldn't believe this was happening to me! Then the my advocate side was so angry because here we fight stigma so more people will get help and they might not get insurance that would provide them with the help they need.

Sorry but can't divulge what I will be talking to my therapist about!!!

I want you all to know I am having a blast doing this!!!

Have an awesome day!