Welcome to gtopia! This is my first entry! I'm so excited to finally be doing this!
Here I am having just moved to beautiful Costa Rica from New York City. We don't have internet or cable at home yet so guess where I am writing you? STARBUCkS!!! Free Wifi! 
This has been an amazing journey. We left our home June 28th and have stayed in 7 places since then. one in NJ, 3 in NYC and 3 places in Costa Rica. It's been non-stop.
When I say we I mean my 70 year old husband, our incredible 3yr old daughter and our adorable little Yorkie Maise. Cost Rica is beautiful! We stayed for a month up in the mountains, Lovely place with spectacular view but  you had to walk down a crap load of stairs to the bathroom! 

We finally moved into our huge last week! I say huge because our Condo in New York was the biggest space I lived in the past 33 years. It was 850 sq ft. and my house now is total 2900 Sq Ft.
It's be been over whelming to unpack and decide where things go! The irony of it all is most of our stuff from NYC fills our new house!!

Going to sign off because gotta go get my daughter from school!


Gina, Hello Beautiful!!! WOW!!! What a journey!!! I am truly proud of and happy for you and your family!!! I pray for your success in this new endeavor!!! Your blog post is awesome!!! Thanks for sharing!!!You are an awesome writer!!! Love you!!! : ) Lady Charmaine Day

Carol said…
Hi Gina, It's amazing that you took the brave change in your life. It looks beautiful, I'll have to come and visit some day! Love ya!! Xoxox