Autumn in Costa Rica


My title is a take off on a 90's movie with my girl Wynona Ryder and the forever doable Richard Gere. Wasn't such a great film,  but beautifully shot in New York City. The best time to visit New York is in the fall and the spring.

Of course I love the crisp Manhattan air and colorful leaves on the trees in Central park in the fall. Kids going back to school and halloween in the air. Watching the streets for the fall fashions and creating my own look for the season.  Wearing my cute black double breasted jacket with my jeans (I got rid of it when we moved here) and my cool biker boots. It's all over now!

To be honest I am glad and the last 5 years or so I have such dread when labor day comes around. Summer is over! Fall starts and it doesn't matter how beautiful it is. It brings Winter. Living in New York for me was torture in the months of January, February and March. March is a flakey month it has hard time changing from winter to spring.

My original thought was it's going to be strange to be here in the fall. I am going to miss dressing for the fall and running in the park. Taking walks with my family.  It really isn't like that at all. I wanted to live somewhere where it's warm. Winter is not coming! Yes, it's rainy season and some days it rains more than others.  November is the last month of rain. Here December marks the beginning of the non-rainy season. We came here in January and March last year and it was so just lovely! Sunshine all day and the temperature doesn't go above the eighties. The beach is hot and humid.  Though it doesn't have the heavy humidity that's found in east cost of the United States.

I may grow bored of this weather. It did take me 33yrs to get out of Gotham so I may have awhile before the boredom sets in!


Photographs by Jesse Epstein. You can follow him on Instagram  @jepstein47