El fin de semana! (The Weekend!)

I'm trying learn some Spanish here! Wish me luck. Hope all of you had great weekends?
Yesterday was busy. First was the farmer's market and that is always so challenging trying speak Spanish with the vendors and how much money (Colones) to give. 

There are quite a few different fruits we haven't seen before. Like this one it is called Manon. The outside looks like burr you see in the park right? When you cut it open there is this soft juicy fruit. It's very sweet tasting. After you are done you think you are left with this pit but it's not! It's a nut and tastes like a sweet version of an almond. We really like these things and we were so curious as to what they were we had to have some. I just want to know who thought to cut this thing open and discover fruit? I think this about all fruits and veggies.

Next on our agenda was to go to the family picnic at Myah's school. The Country Day School where Myah goes is from Pre-K to High School. All of the older kids ran the games, food concessions, and provided entertainment with the school band. It was hokey in some ways but Myah had fun and got to play with her classmates. Jess and I were hoping to meet more parents. We met only one mother of a student from Myah's class. Very nice but I can't remember her name. Her daughter is Grace. It was kind of sparse.  Everything was spread out. We ate sausage sandwiches and donuts I felt so gross. 

They had a photo booth and Myah saw this horse mask and wanted get her picture in it. I was like really? She yes Mommy with a grin on her face.  Above is the picture of the family with our horse. Actually I was kinda glad because she dresses like a princess all the time! It didn't stay on too long because it was hot.

Today we decided to go Jaco (pronounced Haco) it's a beach about an hour or so. I like it because it's a beach town and surfer's hang out there. It's rainy season here so it's a gamble to go the beach. Of course when we got there it was raining and there were people in the water. It is so different here because you can enjoy the water and the views. It kind of doesn't matter if it's raining unless there is thunder and lightening. Myah was so cranky because we woke her up in the car and she hurt her toe so on and so on. It all worked out! Came home showered and Myah played in our sunken tub. Now time to relax before week begins.

Just found out the Maid we finally hired isn't going to work for us. Trying to figure out what happened. She seemed like she wanted to work here. Oh well will keep looking. I've been praying for the right person for us. That worked for me once for Miss Marlenny!!



Barb Silverberg said…
I am so happy for you in your new life chapter!!
Rosanna Russell said…
I'm loving the photo booth pic!!!