Motherhood in Costa Rica!

Today I need to talk about my beautiful and amazing daughter Myah! 

This is the two of us in Costa Rican waters. Motherhood is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. The love I feel  for her is all encompassing and grows deeper every day! She is everything I wish I could be. Silly, funny and uninhibited. I love living in her world of make believe because it is filled with love and adventure. Her confidence is something that is always noticed.

This whole transition has been difficult for all us but I can't imagine how it's been for my 3 year old Myah. One of the reasons we moved was for her. Now she has been in school for 2 weeks and it's been hard.  It's never been hard before for school. The environment is so different from what she was used to. She was in a small enclosed place in New York.  Here the Country Day School is very open with many more kids. It's hard as a parent to watch your kid feel scared. You ask yourself what approach do I take?
Are we just firm about going to school or do I  coddle her?  Of course I want to coddle her but I have to watch that. The approach taken is to be firm but not the yelling and screaming type of firm my parents did. It's just your going to school and that's it. I don't coddle but I comfort. I tell her how proud I am of her to be so brave to go to new school and in a new country then she gets hugs and kisses. Now, she was crying at breakfast that she didn't want to go to school today. She went on and on! I didn't understand it because she had a good day at school yesterday. We just kept our stance that she was going. By the time she finished brushing her teeth and showing me how white they were she decided it was ok to go to school. I went in and got her dressed. Jesse cut her toe nails because my shaky hands can't do that without hurting my child. Today is show in tell day so Jess asked what she wanted to bring. She couldn't think of anything and he asked her what's important to you? Her response was, "my books!"  Of course he suggested "How the Grinch Stole Christmas!" (Myah is obsessed with Christmas). Myah comes down the stairs carrying that book and all she talks is about how mean the Grinch is. Needless to say Mommy read that book in the car on the way to school.

This is Myah Ballerina! My daughter loves to dance. She is always dancing and making up her own dances. Myah loves ballet. In New York she went to the Joffrey Ballet School. Had a lovely teacher, Miss Vanessa. Last Christmas she was a Christmas Tree in the Nutcracker and in the Spring she was a Hedgehog in Alice in Wonderland. One of my biggest worries was finding a somewhat compatible ballet school here. Now we have lists of places she could go. Yesterday, we decided the first one we took a look at was, the Ballet Ruse. Myah is at first excited but falls asleep in the car. After waiting in traffic we finally get there and have to wake her up. Do you know what it's like to wake up a 3yr old who doesn't want to be woken up? She was horribly cranky. We go in and meet with the director she is friendly but not. Very strict atmosphere but also cool. They let us sit in on a class and very formal but good in the sense the attention is made on the well being of the body. I liked it but Myah wasn't buying it. She was intimidated by it all. Jess and I decided since it was close to Joffrey that she can try it for a month and if she didn't like it then she could leave. I was attached for her to go to the Ballet Ruse because she would get real training as a dancer. At bedtime we talked about it. I asked her what kind of dancing she wanted to do? She said fun dancing! I asked why she didn't want to go to the Ballet Ruse? Her response was "I just don"t want to." Followed by she was scared. We talked awhile longer and she finally fell asleep. As I was going down the stairs feeling like a crappy mother I decided this isn't about me and if she wants to go some where that has more kids her age and dance for fun then I'm going to let her.  Jesse was waiting for me on the living room couch and we discussed it and he revealed that he wasn't crazy about the school. We decided that she doesn't have to go and we will look for an other dance studio. Myah is no different then other girls her age in that thoughts and ideas are fleeting. This morning when I told her she doesn't have to go to the Ballet Ruse she said that she now wanted to go! I'm not sure what changed her mind but we decided to talk more when she get's home today.  Will keep you updated.

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